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Thanksgiving Battle Plan

Guests: 8
Mom (no red meat)
Kali (vegetarian)

Turkey Crown, cooked with butter and bacon
Turkey drumsticks
Sweet potato fries
Cranberry sauce
Green beans with slivered almonds
Stuffing (Kali & Eowyn will bring)
Mashed Potatoes (Julie will bring)
Buttermilk Biscuits (Kali & Eowyn will try, bake myself if not)
Stuffed mushrooms (Kali & Eowyn will bring)
Pumpkin Pie

-Wine (need red, Sandy & Mom will go shopping Thursday)
-Beer (some in fridge, pick up more sometime Thursday)
-Softs (shloer/fruit juice, Nick to bring "the greatest selection of non-alcoholic beverages you have ever laid eyes upon")
-Hot chocolate with dessert (dark chocolate and milk in ASDA order, see if Sandy has time to do this)

-After work, go to Real Foods to purchase Libby's pumpkin pie filling and Tesco for Cranberry sauce
-Check whether more serving dishes are required
-Cook quiche for Sandy's work

-During day, call New Club and pay for mom's stay, email her total bill so she can reimburse through PNC account
-Make 2x pumpkin pies and refrigerate
-Clean kitchen


-Check mom's flight time
-Weight lifting with Jo, 7 PM
-Sandy to clean guest room

-Morning: Gwen receives Asda order and starts cooking, Sandy goes wine shopping with Mom when she arrives
-Cooking, order to start:

  -Turkey drumsticks
  -Buttermilk biscuits (if required)
  -Sweet potato fries
  -Green beans
-Sandy to pick up Julie, Kali, Eowyn, chairs and food in cab
-Mom wants to be involved and awake so send her out for any last minute things we've forgotten (beer, black pepper), have her catch up with Christine
-House open from early afternoon: Sandy to sort out cheese and nibbles
-Serving at 1830


Sleep. Eat leftovers. See movie in afternoon with Mom, send her out drinking in evening, go to Nick's friend's birthday party.