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Things I want to take with me

-Yarn (post not-black sweater amounts on destash groups)
-Knitting tools
-Picture of the columns, family photos
-Craftsman bottle opener
-Panda onesies
-Star Trek action figures
-All my hoodies except the purple fuzzy one
-Wicca cookbook
-Captain Marvel 100th Issue special edition
-Lancelot the Dragon
-Fergus the Spike Plant
-Candles and candlestick
-Laptop and peripherals
-All clothes and shoes
-Hand painted mugs
-Copper measuring cups
-Wooden bowl (and matching tray? Ehh)
-Jewelry and perfume, wooden jewelry box
-Board games: King's Blood, Dominion
-All toiletries
-North Face backpack (get Sandy to get his stuff out of it and give it back)
-Pink blanket
-Books: Accounting dictionary, religious texts, ICAS regulations, Something Wicked This Way Comes, How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe, Chronicles of Amber, The End of Mr Y, How the Scots Invented the Modern World, Red Mars, Death and Taxes, War for the Oaks. Fables, Freakangels. Also sort through knitting books and magazines.
-Bathrobe and slippers
-Purple duvet cover

Get rid of everything else.

Save to offload at Conpulsion assuming I'm still in the country: Rifle, tentacle, larp hammer, larp dagger, other board games, other comics, gaming books