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Death of a giant

What I said on facebook:

"Iain Banks has died. I am... really, really sad. One of my all time favorite authors. He created beautiful, fantastic, mind-blowing worlds and characters - the universe that everyone who has read his books wants to live in. My first introduction to real sci-fi. And that was just when he was writing sci-fi at all. I can count on one hand the authors who have managed to draw me in so completely when they WEREN'T writing sci-fi/fantasy.

Not to mention, a stand-up guy and an absolute giant for Scotland. I'll miss you, Mr Banks, way more than is entirely reasonable."

What I didn't say on facebook: This man and his works had a pretty huge influence on me. I came to Scotland to leave behind, well... the fact that relatively young men who do great works are sometimes robbed of their last 30 years by cancer. I found his books and escaped into the Culture, and from there, all the other worlds and fantasies I now love and see the real world through. It was healing and formative. And he's gone. It's always the great young ones. ha.

I am actually, honest to god crying right now. I completely broke down when I realized he had still missed the release of The Quarry by about ten days, even though they brought it forward for him.